Study and fellowship tour to Israel and Messianic Jews by multi-national Asians.

November of 2014, we had the first AMF Tour (Asia Messianic Forum Israel Tour) with 50 Israel-loving Asian Christians from 7 nations.

Regular Israel tours are often times concentrated on the Biblical stories, but AMF Tour was focused on the work of God in our days and the “living stones.” We visited sites that symbolize the establishment of the modern state of Israel and also we visited many Messianic congregations and ministries and met with the Messianic brothers. For many of participants, it was a wonderful opportunity to see the whole picture of the movement and make relationship.

There were many excited responses from Israeli side as well. For many of them, it was for the first time to receive multi-national delegations from the East.

Therefore, we decided to do it again in 2016, with some “improvements.” One of the highlights of this tour is “Messianic Shavuot Festival.” This is the oldest and the largest gathering of Israeli Messianic Jews, that more than a thousand of them join every year. Moreover, our AMF Tour team will be on the stage and perform. We have not decided what to perform, so we welcome your ideas and participation!

Please prayerfully consider joining our AMF tour. It will be unforgettable exciting experience for you that come with a lot of new connections!

DATE: June.2(Thu.) - 12(Sun.), 2016

If you want AMF2016 Israel Tour Brochure (Invitation and Itinerary: PDF), Send e-mail to